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About Us

Quickcoys Motion Decoy System was invented, patented, and manufactured by myself, Keith Beauchamp.

As a duck hunter for more than 30 years, I have always tried to make my decoys as realistic appearing as possible. Any duck hunter knows that motion in your decoys attracts ducks. For years, hunters have been using “jerk strings” to add waves and motion to finish those birds to the spread. Most hunters know they need some sort of motion to make things look real. We believe that we filled a need for all duck hunters with the creation of the fastest, most portable, best life-like motion decoy system ever made.

It has taken us a while to bring this product to market; but, with faith, family, and friends, the “possible” has now become the “reality”. Our product may contain some components from foreign suppliers; but, we are manufacturing “Quickcoys” in the U.S.A. Our product is not only effective in your decoy spread, but when you purchase a Quickcoys Motion Decoy System, you help support working American families with jobs here in the U.S.A.

While we have been developing, field testing, and refining our product over several years, we welcome constructive ideas for the improvement of our product for duck hunters' specific needs. Quickcoys was built for duck hunters by a duck hunter. It is our goal to produce an innovative, effective, quality product that is practical, portable, and the simplest, best motion decoy system ever.

Keith Beauchamp portrait