duck hunting dog and catch

Although any standard decoy can work, we highly recommend the GHG 60:40 weighted keel decoy. This decoy has the most action and creates the best motion and adds additional wave motion to other decoys within your spread.

In general, knee deep to mid-thigh deep water ensures sufficient depth for the device to work properly without any issues. Although we have seen the device work in some instances in just below knee deep water, the water conditions must be absolutely perfect for this to occur. It is important to place the device away from underwater obstructions.

Due to the nature of the patented spring hub and the tethering of the device to the battery enclosure, we have yet to see any problem with gun dogs getting caught in the device. Most of the time, when a dog swims into the device they swim right through it pushing the spring arms down or the device out of the way.

The device will run approximately 5 hours on a fully charged battery.

The battery charger provided with your Quickcoys will charge the battery overnight easily. The battery may be charged with a standard car or motorcycle battery charger set to the proper 12V setting.

Your Quickcoys motion decoy system is propelled through the water with a small 12V motor that is equipped with a small brass propellor. This propellor turns at a relatively high rate of speed. Although the propellor blades themselves are not sharp, caution should be used whenever you are near the functioning device. It is recommended that you place the device FIRST while holding the battery box with the on/off toggle switch, then step back from the device and activate it with the on/ off switch and immediately drop the box as the anchoring point. In this manner you will avoid any chance of coming into contact with the spinning propeller. Likewise, when picking up the device, always pick up the battery box first by retrieving the power cord and lifting slowly until the the battery box can be seen under the surface of the water. Once you have the battery box in hand, flip the switch to the off position and you can now retrieve your Quickcoys safely.

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